Saturday, March 1, 2014

Myself Third Scholarship

The Myself Third Scholarship Program is designed to encourage and reward ten (10) NYC high
school students who have demonstrated a commitment to participating in civic engagement.
The scholarship program selects 10 CUNY‐bound high school seniors who are enrolled in or
have completed at least one College Now course or activity and who will attend college in fall
2014 a one‐time scholarship of $5,000 in support of their studies at CUNY.
Teachers/counselors may nominate up to two students and guide them through the
application process.
In order to be considered, students must submit a complete application package to their
College Now liaison by March 28th and should include the following:
 Essay on civic service (Service and volunteer experiences should be substantive and
not solely connected to high school community service requirements)
 Description of volunteer, work, and extracurricular activities
 Letter(s) of recommendation (Please note that recommenders must use the Letter
of Support template available on the College Now website. Generic and/or college
recommendation letters will not be accepted)
 Official academic transcript
In judging the applications, the quality of the essay, the personal experience described in it, as
well as the letter(s) of recommendation, and the service activity are the main criteria. In the
essay, students are asked to discuss 1) what it means to live in a democratic society and the
values they believe are associated with a democratic way of life; 2) how these values motivated
them to become involved in civic service; 3) describe a specific project or activity they
developed or participated in that provided service to others; and 4) reflect on the personal
impact of that experience.

Click here or copy and paste the following link: to get the application.

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