Sunday, May 15, 2011

NYCHA/CUNY Resident Scholarship Program

The Resident Scholarship Program is one of the many ways that the New York City Housing Authority NYCHA invests in the education of its residents. Established in 2005 by NYCHA through donations received from production companies that filmed on NYCHA premises, the Resident Scholarship Program provides $1,000 scholarships for qualifying public housing residents who are enrolled in colleges of the City University of New York (CUNY), in a variety of majors with at least a 3.0 grade point average.

The scholarship can be used to help pay for college tuition, books or other education related expenses at a CUNY senior or junior college. There are two types of scholarships, one for residents who are full-time undergraduates at a CUNY college, and one for residents with disabilities who are enrolled in a CUNY undergraduate program.

The 2011 Resident Scholarship Program application period is open from May 2 -May 31.

2011 NYCHA-CUNY Resident Scholarship Application & Flyers

2011 Undergraduate Scholarship Application NEW
2011 Regina A. Figueroa Memorial Scholarship Application for Residents/Students with Disabilities NEW

2011 NYCHA Resident Scholarship Flyer (English) (in PDF)
2011 NYCHA Resident Scholarship Flyer En Español (Spanish) (in PDF)
2011 NYCHA Resident Scholarship Flyer 中文 (Chinese) (in PDF)
2011 NYCHA Resident Scholarship Flyer Русский (Russian) (in PDF)

2010 NYCHA-CUNY Resident Scholars

Students Given a Real Boost (New York Daily News) (in PDF)
Scholarships for Public Housing Residents (El Diario La Prensa) (in PDF)

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