Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Ultimate Campus Visit Saturday, April 9th 10:00 a.m.

Choose your Ultimate Campus Visit and see what your future holds. Click here to see Vaughn College. Check out the options for our Ultimate Campus Visit and select your top choice. Then fill out the form below to RSVP right away!

Ultimate Campus Visit Experiences:
Expand the "Scope" of Your Mind Option #1: Go "behind the instrument panel" of aviation's sophisticated electronics also known as avionics. Get your hands on the latest "in flight" control systems including aircraft navigation systems, radio communications, radar and automatic flight control.

Engineer Your Part Option #2: Log on to a computer workstation running CATIA version V, the gold standard of design software, and create a basic component for an engineering system that could end up in the next space shuttle, weather satellite or super-engine. Limited to 10 students.

Step onto the Flight Deck Option #3: Put your hands on the controls of a jet aircraft. You can take the pilot's seat in one of our brand-new Redbird or FRASCA Flight Simulators to practice take-offs, landing and other flight maneuvers. Limited to 15 students.

Tower Traffic ON THE AIR Option #4: Hear actual radio traffic explained by an air traffic controller as you watch aircraft land from our three-story observation tower just across the street from LaGuardia Airport. Check out the Manhattan skyline, too! Limited to 20 students.

Fuel up the Jets Option #5: Experience the sophistication of modern jet and reciprocating computer controlled fuel systems that power today's commercial aircraft. You'll be blown away when you get to control two of Vaughn's state-of-the-art jet fuel injection systems.

On the Line Option #6: Design, program and run a flexible assembly line. Start with the mechatronics system lab's 3D simulation software, manipulating sensors, subsystems and logic controllers to configure the robotics next door. When you're done, run the line and see your design come to life.

Animation Station Option #7: Come experience the 3D computer graphics and visual effects used in blockbusters. Practice with our green screen and see how Photoshop, AfterEffects and 3D Max create effects in popular video games and movies.
Also check out these services and programs for your students.

Assessment Center

The Assessment Center handles the testing and placement of all incoming students in cooperation with our Admissions office. Appointments for taking the Accuplacer test for English and math course placements are made through academic support services.
Aviation Outreach Program (AOP)
This program aims to increase the number of prepared students that enter college and improve participation and performance, specifically in mathematics, science and technology. Community involvement, networking and outreach are a vital part of the program.

Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP)
Vaughn participates in the New York State Education Department's Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP). This program has been designed for educationally and economically disadvantaged New York state residents who otherwise might not be able to attend college. HEOP provides several academic and financial support services to assist students. These services include the summer immersion program, tutorial services, counseling services and financial assistance. To find out more, email Abdelouahed Haiber or call him at 1.866.6VAUGHN, ext. 160.

Quick Start Pre-Freshmen Summer Immersion Program
This is an intensive, six-week summer program to introduce pre-freshmen to fundamental math, science, technical and aviation-related concepts.

Upward Bound Program
Upward Bound is a federal TRIO program funded by the US Department of Education, which is distributed to institutions through competitive grants. TRIO programs help students overcome social and cultural barriers to higher education. Upward Bound serves disadvantaged, first-generation and low-income high school students and is designed to motivate high school students and help them gain important skills necessary for success beyond high school. This program encourages and addresses the needs required to successfully complete high school and post-secondary education. Upward Bound is the type of program that will provide academic, social and cultural experiences during the high school years, which will greatly increase the probability of students enrolling in college and graduating from college.

Click here for Academic Support Services for Vaughn College.

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