Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Congratulations to 5 Students - Radiology Conference

The New York Roentgen Foundation’s annual conference on radiology for NYC students is a unique opportunity for 11th graders and their teachers to participate in a professional conference at Memorial Sloan-Kettering-Rockefeller Research Laboratories. The purpose of the conference is to expose students to careers in radiology, nursing, administration, and technology. Participating students are expected to research and write an essay about the field of radiology. The event culminates in a luncheon where students will have the opportunity to network with the presenters and scientists of the conference. The winning essays will be announced during the luncheon. Cash prizes will be award to the top three essays. All students and participating staff will receive certificates of participation and a gift.

Congratulations to the following students in Mr. Lucci's class on being selected as one of the high schools to participate in the Roentgen Foundation's 7th Annual Conference and Essay Contest for NYC high school juniors:
Jennifer Fox
Brendan Sheridan
Miriam Nosseir
Genacy Moody
Tyreek Penn

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