Thursday, June 11, 2009

Job Opportunity for Youths Age 18 - 25

Just point and click on TSC for complete information and the application. The Technology Service Corps (TSC) is a unique NPower initiative that enlists and trains low-income urban youth to meet the demand for skilled technology workers in the U.S. Begun in 2002 as a small pilot program at NPower's affiliate in New York, TSC is now expanding to serve 105 local participants per year, and offer Microsoft professional certification opportunities to every student.”

TSC offers a free, 16-week immersive IT training program to low-income youth and young adults (ages 18-25), and then places graduates in full-time employment throughout New York City's nonprofit, business and public sectors. Participants practice their new skills and give back to their communities by performing service internships and volunteer work for area nonprofits.”

“Evaluation data show that TSC effectively lifts graduates out of poverty. On average, TSC graduates earn $27,595 in their first year out, compared with just $11,250 prior to joining the program.”

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