Thursday, October 30, 2008

Reflections from College Tour

Boston, October 16-17, 2008

I had a great time on this trip. I liked every college we visited. MIT was the nicest college out of all of them. They had a very difficult acceptance policy. We should go on more trips to colleges. Arslan Younis

I recently went on the Boston College tour trip with Ms. Feldman and the other students. My reasons to attend this trip were merely out of curiosity. I had no intention of going to college, let alone one as prestigious and exceptional as Harvard, MIT, or Boston College. There were so many discouraging factors that didn't allow the idea of me attending college...just seemed unrealistic and absurd. The college out there are amazing and by the end of the first I was convinced that I could not only go to college but be admitted to one as great as Boston College. I really do wish to attend this school and the more I think of it, the less impossible this seems. I'm a junior, so I know if I try hard and work at it, by the end of my senior year, I could attend it. I'm mostly just grateful for having been given the opportunity to go and for allowing many students to go as well. Thank you because this really was a life-changing experience and I'll be very grateful for it. Blanca Carrillo

The best part of the trip for me was looking out the window of the bus or the duck tour and just looking at nature. The Charles River was beautiful with the white sail boats, the brown, red and green leaves. The beautiful green grass at Boston College. The interesting old and new buildings. I like just sitting outside and watching time pass and watch the leaves changing. I just think nature is beautiful and we should go on many more trips so I can see different colleges and explore different part of the world. Caitlin Spinelli

I'm very grateful to have been able to go on the trip to Boston. I loved the city and the tours of Harvard, Boston College and M.I.T. - were all very informative. I fell in love with M.I.T. This trip got me so excited to look out for colleges and universities and I hope that more trips like this one become available to the students again. I would definitely participate on future trips and encourage others to participate as well. Leonardo Esparragoza

The Boston trip was amazing. All the colleges were so beautiful. Harvard, Boston College, and MIT were really nice colleges. I would love a chance to get into one of these schools. The structures in Boston are amazing...they look like buildings from Harry Potter. I got so much information and it made me want to apply to these schools. Tracy Pulla

The trip to Boston was extremely informative. I learned many things about the colleges we visited. I was inspired to work harder for the possibility of gaining acceptance to these prestigious colleges. The history of Harvard and its famous alumni intrigued me. To learn of its origins brought me joy to know more about one of our country's first colleges. Boston College was equally as interesting. Its campus was full of beautiful architecture and the "study abroad" program excited me. Our final stop to MIT very much surprised me. The programs that brought about many games and advancements were usually class projects. The yearly prank isn't something to easily forget. All-in-all the trip was a fantastic experience for me and I hope there are many more to come. Tim Johnson

I really liked the trip. One thing would be the bus ride because if we rode in the school bus I probably would of went crazy. Going to the colleges helped me learn about what I need for college, how much, the atmosphere...etc. Also the hotel. It had the best view of a historic dam. This experience was one that I will never forget. It definitely will help me make my decisions about what I would like and dislike in the colleges I am looking into. I forgot to mention the duck tour which was incredible. I wish we could of seen more of Boston...and another thing was taking the trip with all the people in school. We bonded over this trip and we're closer than ever now. Kristin Spinelli

Our trip to Boston was a very fund and educational trip. After our long bus ride we got to Boston and went on a Duck Tour which is a tour of the city on land then in water. I loved the Duck our. We got to see all the buildings and historical places in the city. Then we hopped back on the bus then we went to Harvard. I thought the college was extraordinary with its learning abilities. But personally I didn't like it because of its size. Then we went to the Hard Rock Cafe which had a great atmosphere. Then we went to the hotel and watched educational programs and went to bed at 10:00 p.m. The next day we woke up had a buffet then we went to Boston College. That college had to be my favorite college. I loved the environment and the classes that they offered to me. I will try whatever I can to get there because I loved it so much. Then we went to MIT. I thought they were great. I loved these classes but the school was too big and I didn't like the environment. Steven Grell

The Boston trip was awesome because I got a thought on how college life is. Harvard was cool and so was Boston College. The one that caught my attention was MIT. I love engineering and MIT was huge. I love the student life and the criteria. Also the sports teams they have I would love to attend MIT. Hussein Hamouche

The trip to Boston was awesome! I am not a fan of Harvard or Boston College, but MIT was a great enriching experience. Having the opportunity to visit a prestigious school such as MIT has inspired me to work harder. The campus of MIT was amazing and the tour of Boston was great. Traveling around Boston touring the area and surrounding areas had to be one of he most amazing trips I have ever gone on. I must thank Ms. Feldman, Ms. Marsigliano, and the Principal, Ms. Henry, for giving us the opportunity to visit such prestigious schools. Chris LaFacci

The trip to Boston was a very amazing trip. The colleges were outstanding. Harvard was my favorite. The campus was HUGE. Harvard is very had to get into, you need about a 98 unweighted average. So I have the feeling I won't be getting accepted into this college. Although, if I keep studying and keep my grades high, I might have a chance to get accepted. Overall, the trip was awesome and I enjoyed viewing all the colleges. I would love another trip like this to see more colleges. Mohamed Ibrahim

In my opinion, even after the Boston trip, New York City is still the most beautiful place in the world. There is so much culture and art in every aspect of our lives; even just when walking down a street in Manhattan. However, it is safe to say that I have never seen another place like Boston. I really respect how the early American vision of a populated city can still exist in modern times. There were still roads paved with cobble stone and brick, and in the midst of the skyscrapers and franchises, the beginnings of our nation can still be seen. In a completely opposite notion, as old fashioned as most of the city is, modern architecture thrives in an unrestricted way. MIT was one of the most amazing places I have ever seen and probably will ever see. For a while I tried not to want to go there due to the inconvenience it would bring to my family, but they made me feel like I could do it, and no matter how long it takes, i will do it. The Boston trip was an amazing experience. Nuwan Panditarante

The trip to Boston was absolutely fabulous. The Duck Tour was a lot of fun. The city of Boston is rather magnificent. My second favorite campus was Boston College. My absolute favorite was MIT. It would be a dream of mine to attend MIT and that is why I admired it the most. Lastly, Mrs. Feldman and Mrs. Marsigliano were great! Christopher Repetto

I am grateful to have partaken in the Boston trip. I thought it was very informative. It gave me inspiration to strive for the best and made me see what some aspects of the college life are like. While touring the Charleston on the Duck Tour, I was able to drive the bus which helped with my water fears. Although I wish we had been able to spend more time, I am very thankful and wish to embark on more McKee Adventures before the year is through. Bebuo Ewa

On October 16, 2008 part of the junior and senior class went to Boston to tour three different colleges. At first I thought it was just a chance to hang with friends, but it was more than that. After going to those colleges and seeing how they live and how they work inspired me. Instead of going to school then going to some school like CSI, I want to get into a school like MIT. They don't just learn because they have to to pass a class. They learn for fun, and to accomplish things that have never been done before. John Picozzi

This trip was truly enlightening. For over a year now I have wanted to be accepted into MIT. Going to that campus was breath taking, I almost went into shock from overdoes on excitement. Although Harvard is a top ranking school and the first college to begin in the US, I was disappointed. Boston College was more impressive than expected, although totally focused on art and literature. The thing I really took home from this trip aside from MIT was the characteristics of Boston. I never knew it was such a "college town" with an incredible atmosphere. Now I am accounting for that simple reason...Boston is a lot of fun. As a minor note, the Duck Tour was amazing. Steven Schiavone

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