Friday, September 26, 2008


Seniors applying to PRIVATE COLLEGES should use the COMMON APPLICATION. You can work on the common application by downloading the application at Please bring in your typed copy to the College Office. REMEMBER: DO NOT APPLY TO COLLEGES ONLINE BEFORE REVIEWING CHOICES WITH YOUR GUIDANCE COUNSELOR AND BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR ESSAYS FOR CORRECTIONS, input all the information (McKee’s CEEB/ACT code is 335375) and PRINT THE APPLICATION.

Your application is your “first impression” to the college admission office; a neat, well-prepared, typed application will make a good first impression. Submit one copy of the application to the College Office along with your check payable to the college and a large stamped, addressed envelope (five stamps); we will forward it to the college along with your teachers’ recommendation letters, school report (counselor’s recommendation) and transcript. Everything will be mailed at the same time along with your check, thereby reducing the error factor. Your cancelled check will be your proof that the application was received.

1st Note: If applying to multiple schools with the common application, the College Office will make copies of the entire application. You are required to submit envelopes and checks payable to each college/university.
2nd Note: Some colleges, like NYU, are requiring that the supplement to the common application be submitted with the common application. The supplement must be sent at the same time or your application will not be processed. This is new so please complete the supplement for each school.

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